The Independent weighs in

When you’re the critic for a daily paper, snark from the local alternative weekly kind of comes with the territory. But I’ve had a mostly cordial relationship with The Independent Weekly over the years, although it has certainly had its, shall we say, less-than-pleasant interludes. Anyway, I’ve been curious what they’d have to say about “Losering.” And I’m stunned and flattered to say, quite a lot.

The review gets a two-page spread, penned by music editor Grayson Currin. It’s not a gush, but it’s certainly more positive than negative — even if it does include the phrase “simply terrible” about a chapter that happens to be my favorite; and I could take issue with some of his conclusions. Still, I’m not going to nitpick because my main reaction is one of gratitude that he took the time to read and respond to it. That’s all any writer can ask for.

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2 thoughts on “The Independent weighs in

  1. Shocked that he made it all the way through that without mentioning Megafaun.

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