Bryan Adams: how to heckle

So they just announced that Bryan Adams is coming to town on his “Bare Bones” acoustic tour, which will play Jan. 22 at Meymandi Concert Hall. And here’s what I’m wondering: Given that Meymandi is the very place where Ryan played his last Raleigh concert back in June of 2005 (an event recounted in chapter 16 of “Losering”), and Ryan’s own heckling history with select portions of Bryan’s catalog…should I go and yell for “16 Days”? Or “New York, New York”?

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4 thoughts on “Bryan Adams: how to heckle

  1. sharon

    yes please do!!!!!!! “NY NY!” And when he starts to comply (cuz yr a commanding heckler) insist “on the piano!”

  2. dmenconi

    A pity there isn’t a “Like” button here, a la Facebook. 🙂

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