Thanksgiving greetings from Ryan Adams (and me)

Here’s wishing you and yours the happiest Thanksgiving imaginable. Binge responsibly, count your blessings and keep an eye on the big picture. Current events were on Ryan’s mind four years ago, when he composed this essay of Thanksgiving greetings, which concluded thusly:

Economic crisis, climate change, and world drama notwithstanding, this holiday, if nothing else, I will say some silent prayer of consolation that we’re still here. And those who aren’t, those we lost somewhere along the way, if we wanted to or not, we still stand in their light. And it shines outright for anyone with eyes to see, or a heart to know it can expand past the dates and the times that mark the changing of our little worlds. My how they collide, and how precisely.

Happy Holidays and see you at the counter, or under the skyline, swooning feverishly.

Back in 1999, however, Ryan was in more of a culinary frame of mind regarding Thanksgiving. Under the heading, “Turkey with ALL the fixings,” he posted the following piece of foodie advice to the No Depression folder:

Rusty nails and Oyster soup is good and can be served with a hodge-podge of many different things. Some might say crackers with gloop may fit the plate nicely to add a touch of rural flavoring, while others may prefer Roedung Rye Chippers with bugs. Myself, I usually stir up a blended mix of mayonaise-dirty lentil dressing, done up third world style with grits and mac and cheese power flavoring and onion soup packette with ketchup and goop zebra extract.

theres really no way to serve this up wrong. its a hit at the dinner table everytime.

However you celebrate, with or without goop zebra extract, make it a good one.

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