MrBiggestdisneyfan is a big Ryan Adams fan, too

I don’t know quite what to make of this, beyond finding its earnestness utterly charming — a young man named Joshua Kirk (YouTube handle MrBiggestdisneyfan), holding forth about the finer points of Ryan’s 2005 Cold Roses album and revealing that he pays very, very close attention to the credits in liner notes. Anyway, check it out; looks like Ryan is making some inroads into another generation of fans.

ADDENDUM: Followup from Lefsetz, including Ryan’s response via twitter. I’d be honored, too!

Also, here’s a profile of him.

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3 thoughts on “MrBiggestdisneyfan is a big Ryan Adams fan, too

  1. This is adorable, seriously. Music links our common humanity. RA should give this kid a front row seat to a future concert.

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