29 Cold Jacksonville Roses


Yes, these roses are cold. And from Jacksonville.

As recounted in chapter 16 of “Losering,” I paid tribute to Ryan’s hyper-productive 2005 by boiling the box set’s worth of music he released that year (41 songs on three albums, one of them a double-disc) down to a single album. Yes, I know that “Ryan never edits himself” is a well-worn trope, and putting this list in the book even seemed to offend some people.  Nevertheless, it’s still a fun exercise, and I really do believe that a single great 13-song album was in there somewhere from all the music he put out that year. Most of it is from Cold Roses, since that’s one of the best records from Ryan’s solo era, but even that could have used some pruning and sharpening.

Ultimately, I settled on seven tracks from Cold Roses and three each from 29 and Jacksonville City Nights. After deciding on a track list, I tinkered endlessly with the running order. After trying countless combinations over a period of months, here is what I came up with, 29 Cold Jacksonville Roses, available only on your iPod or Spotify. See if you think it holds up:

Magnolia Mountain
Beautiful Sorta
Let It Ride
Carolina Rain
When Will You Come Back Home
Dear John
Blue Sky Blues
Dance All Night
Night Birds

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12 thoughts on “29 Cold Jacksonville Roses

  1. Joe Townsend

    Just loaded it to the iPod and am headed to the Y. I’ll give feedback later

    • That’s where i’ve done some of most of my best DRA listening, at the Y! If you run you really should try the whole of Jacksonville City Nights. It’s quite varied, not too much slow so you naturally keep up the pace.

  2. You know you’d hear from me on this David! Your list is seriously lacking without Easy Plateau, Friends, Strawberry Wine, Games, Don’t Fail Me Now, A Kiss Before I Go, It’s not your fault because the exercise was doomed from the start, you did your best. Dear John, btw, is a fabulous song but the CR recording of it is a bit of a mess harmonically. They should have done a few more takes or mixed it better. There are better recordings of it elsewhere including live shows. It’s a great song. Thanks for not missing Blue Sky Blues!

  3. Addendum: I left off the manically sleepless Trains by accident. That’s a keeper, another one you missed David. Such great fun that song.

  4. dmenconi

    Thank ya kindly. But “Dear John” is on JCN (rather than CR), is it not?

  5. Bruiser

    Man alive! I think the 29CJR album is great, and I never would have given it a thought without David’s suggestion. As for the guy whom was offended by the book, being a negative killjoy is no way to go through life, man!

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  7. gavin

    The funny thing is, I’d only have 7 of those tracks you picked on my 22-song double album JCN/CR/29 compilation! There are some stunning tracks missed off there. How could you possibly leave this off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mD7aooTxVU?

    It’s a funny thing being a Ryan Adams fan. Nobody agrees on nothing.

  8. dmenconi

    Yep, that’s true. It’s part of the fun, too.

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