A Brand New Kind of Photography

When I was writing “Losering,” I hoped people would…you know, get it. I mean, anyone who writes a book hopes that it will touch people. But I wanted mine to go beyond merely telling one musician’s story and resonate on a wider level, chronicling an era as well as a larger community. Obviously, that’s a tall order for a short book. But here’s a review I am thrilled to see, on a blog called Brand New Kind of Photography. It’s written by Agatha Donkar, who describes herself thusly:

Freelance photographer, holder of season tickets to the University of North Carolina baseball team and the Durham Bulls, Master of Library Science, civil servant. I like rock music, sweet tea, pedal steel played well, Fuji 1600 ISO film, the Band & the Rolling Stones, vintage dresses, my 17 year old Doc Martens and my Chippewa motorcycle boots, old rangefinders and Holgas, North Carolina beaches, pitching and defense, Matt Wieters, and chili cheese hotdogs.

I like her already. And I like her review even better, especially its appreciation of the historical part of the story. It makes for a soundbite I’ll savor for a good long while, because this is exactly what I was going for:

…part oral history, part Menconi memoir, part Adams biography, and for all the bridges Ryan burned in Raleigh, all love story, in its own way, complete with its own breakup and happy / sad ending…Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown were instrumental in shaping the scene here as we know it, and Menconi takes that, respects it, and writes it as a wonderful story that isn’t happy, but is truthful, and fascinating.

Honored and humble.


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