Ryan Adams will be here in song if not in spirit

RAHposterTuesday night, Ryan Adams played his first full-band show in almost four years, as part of a star-studded benefit for the Teenage Cancer Trust at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Reports indicate that the set included a song made up on the spot plus “Oh My Sweet Carolina,” several new songs that will be on his upcoming album, a lot of very funny banter and “Come Pick Me Up” as a closer. Even though he didn’t do a single Whiskeytown song (Oh, Ryan — Ryan, Ryan, Ryan…), I truly wish I’d been there. The always-reliable Mega-Super-Gold was first on the scene with a setlist (the original is viewable here); reviews and show reports are herehere, here, here,  here, here, here, here, here and here; and you can download a recording of the show here.

Ryan also popped up on the interwebs this week as part of a punk band called Pornography, which is putting out a limited-edition seven-song seven-inch (!) next month. Check out opening song “Last Nite at the Opera,” all 53 seconds of it, hereand you can start pestering your favorite independent record store about snagging one of the super-rare vinyl copies that will be released April 20 for Record Store Day.

Meantime, there’s talk of a U.S. tour when Ryan’s album comes out, and hope springs eternal that he’ll bless his old home state with a show. But it’s pretty much as certain as death and taxes that he won’t play anywhere near his former Raleigh stomping grounds.

Since Ryan won’t come play here, then, it seems like the thing to do is to get some folks together to play some of his songs. And that’s exactly what is going to happen later this spring at a club in Raleigh, a Ryan Adams tribute show. It’s still coming together, so I can’t spill details just yet. But there should be a date, a place and a lineup to report very soon.

Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “Ryan Adams will be here in song if not in spirit

  1. gveo

    Oh David–David, David, *David*…most DRA fans are thrilled when WT songs pop up in concert, and many DRA fans point to WT as their favorite DRA era, but almost all love is post-WT work, it’s really quite good! It’s rich, it’s varied, it’s growth. We can’t expect an artist to spend much time in their oldest stuff; that’s not how artists work, they are excited by their “local” creations. And this is from a lover of Whiskeytown. (Let’s talk about he and Caitlin vocals on The Battle.) If I can come around to Cardinology (most of it) you can come around to admitting his catalog is pretty stunning all along (very few clunkers and there are a few of those in WT too). It’s nothing for a Whiskeytown fan to be disappointed about. What’s more, if you get past this unnecessary disappointment you harbor you can then begin writing the post-WT book on him, which is rich territory and you have the chops. There’s a lot more to the story, hopefully it won’t include rumors of Mebane ;-)..unless they’re true.

  2. dmenconi

    Oh, don’t get me wrong — his post-WT catalog is plenty stunning, too. But still…not one WT song in a full concert? I’m not asking for him to dwell on that era, just not to ignore it. Is that so wrong?

    • gveo

      not so wrong at all! but we can’t expect it i don’t think. when he pulls out jacksonville skyline or 16 days the crowd response is always special. it’s a different vibe that goes through than when he pulls out come pick me up (which is a good vibe too). sadly, he never dusts off faithless street which i just love.

  3. gveo

    Thanks for the reviews you keep adding. I am heartened by the two new song title approximations. One about “where we met in my mind”–love when he treats his mind like a place, a room. That sounds like he’s writing at his level (some of A&F was brilliant, the title song, but there were a lot of cliches in some of the other songs I’d never seen him do so much before). And the other one, about back in the shadows. That is SO promising because that’s where we like him artistically is it not? We’re happy he seems to have happy stable private life now but in his songs we want those shadows. Yay!

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