Ryan Adams can paint a picture of you so perfectly in my mind


Some Ryan Adams super-fans are avid enough about our hero to do DRA-inspired artwork, often with superlative results. And one of the better examples I’ve run across in my online wanderings is Megan Bieligk Davis, an Oklahoma woman who works as a legal assistant when she’s not painting pictures. Here is some of her Ryan-related handiwork, starting with the drawing at right that she says involved only “one pencil, no sharpener, one piece of paper.” Below left is a piece featuring lyrics from Ryan’s “O My Sweet Carolina” (which is already sold). And below right, a work-in-progress based on a quote from the Gold song “Nobody Girl.” She writes:

I began my love affair with David Ryan Adams’ music back in the year 2001… shortly after his break with Whiskeytown, and after his first solo record, Heartbreaker. From that point, I was hooked. I worked in a music store at the time, while studying art in college — think “High Fidelity.” That was us. Then Gold was released. There was no turning back. I was an RA addict. The lyrics in songs such as “La Cienega,” “Nobody Girl,” “Blue Hotel,” etc. are just so amazing, I just can’t fathom anyone NOT loving his music. His songs have gotten me through some rough times, they have brought me through a bottle of rum, and they have inspired me. And that is the great part about art, right? One form inspires another.

Megan said she’s also done a lot of self-portraits while listening to Heartbreaker and Gold for inspiration — and while I don’t share her enthusiasm for Gold, I can tell you that her portraits are very nice. She also takes commissions for paintings based on DRA lyrics (and they’re not too expensive); best place to find her is the Ryan Adams Superfan Page on Facebook.


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5 thoughts on “Ryan Adams can paint a picture of you so perfectly in my mind

  1. Richard S. Patterson

    Love the drawing and lyric works. I’d pay to put that on my Wall of fame. …and don’t be down on GOLD. Just because it was popular and maybe a little harder in spots (Ryans music is always hard), I think it holds up with anything.

  2. dmenconi

    Well, as I say here — https://loseringbook.wordpress.com/2013/02/21/rating-ryans-catalog-top-to-bottom/ — I really wish I liked “Gold” better’n I do. And I’ve tried, believe me. But it still just don’t move me. Sorry!

  3. Betty@yahoo.com

    The best song that bob Dylan never wrote … When he was hanging out with Lou Reed – occasionally. Too bad … It’s a treasure.

    … I was referring to “Nobody’s Girl.”

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