Ryan Adams brings Pornography to Record Store Day

Saturday is Record Store Day, the brick-and-mortar music-retail industry’s annual attempt to hang in there and tempt folks back into independent record stores with ultra-rare in-store-only releases. This year’s crop includes Flaming Lips, White Stripes, Dave [Fucking] Matthews and scores more. People are probably already lining up and camping out at your local indie store, like Raleigh’s Schoolkids Records — owned nowadays by Stephen Judge, who I quoted a few times in “Losering” (including a very funny back-in-the-day story about Ryan telling Stephen he was going to start a country band called Whiskeytown “’cause punk rock is too hard to sing”).

So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to snag a copy of the Record Store Day release below and report back about how it is. This is Pornography, a punk band featuring our man Ryan Adams on guitar; and 7 Minutes in Heaven is exactly what it sounds like, seven songs on seven inches of vinyl in seven minutes. While you’re pondering 7s-are-wild jokes, take a listen to the opening track; and check interviews with Pornography vocalist Leah Hennessey here and here; and a review here.


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