Walking the floor over the Floorwalkers — and “Losering: The Songs of Ryan Adams”

FloorwalkersWell, this is nice. Check out the Floorwalkers, a band from Columbus, Ohio, covering Ryan Adams’ “A Kiss Before I Go,” the lead-off track to his 2005 Jacksonville City Nights album. It was a nice touch to shoot the band playing the song while all crammed together into a car driving around. The Floorwalkers made this to drum up attention for a Kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming album; and with the deadline looming on Monday, it looks like they’re just over $1,300 away from hitting their goal. So help some DRA fans out.

Speaking of covers, I hope you already got your tickets for next week’s tribute show, because I am delighted to report that advance tickets for “Losering: The Songs of Ryan Adams” are all sold out. There might be a small handful of tickets released at the door the night of the show — next Thursday, May 9, at Deep South The Bar in Raleigh. And I am thrilled at the response, it’s going to be a great night.

UPDATE (5/5/13): Good for the Floorwalkers, they made their Kickstarter goal with more than 24 hours to spare!

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