More Ryan Adams history for sale

DRAgtrsmashFormer Whiskeytown road manager Thomas O’Keefe has been cleaning out his closet of Ryan Adams artifacts of late, and he has a doozy of an item up for sale now on eBay: the remains of a 1964 Gibson Firebird that Ryan smashed onstage in Vancouver in 1998. It’s not playable or even fixable, but for those who care this is a pretty amazing artifact. It was destroyed during a particularly difficult stretch of touring for Whiskeytown that fall, including an infamous near-riot that happened onstage at The Fillmore in San Francisco a few nights later; see chapter 10 of “Losering” for particulars on that.

Meantime, bidding on the guitar (which includes a set of Ryan’s hand-written lyrics) closes on Feb. 28. I’m guessing that John Hiatt will not be putting in a bid, but you can do so here.

UPDATE (2/28/2015): The winning bid, $1,302.77.

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