A Loserblog milestone

100KSometime yesterday, this modest little WordPress blog quietly reached a milestone, though no one but me would have known it. According to the statistics page, loseringbook.wordpress.com has crossed the six-figure threshold, attracting more than 100,000 views since debuting at the end of July 2012 with an introductory post titled, “Hello world!” — actually 100,122 total views as of a few minutes ago, if we want to keep it up-to-date.

Two years and 10 months later, this is post number 313. My output has ebbed and flowed over that time, usually dictated by events. I was posting at least once a day during the initial publication period of the book “Losering” and also last fall, when there was lots of news surrounding Ryan Adams’ doings with his latest album and touring (and I must note with some disappointment that this blog’s most-viewed post to date remains the one about his divorce; oh well). There have also been slow stretches where I’ve gone weeks between posts, either because Ryan didn’t have anything going on in public or I was busy elsewhere — or just not feeling inspired regarding DRA World.

LoseringBut I’ve had enough fun here to keep the blog going beyond its initial mission of supplying background for “Losering” (a function it sometimes still serves, such as when I have mistakes to correct). It’s been a way to acknowledge some of Ryan’s old bandmates, as well as various superfans and others’ Ryan-inspired artwork, plus weird reactions and other projects I’m involved in. If nothing else, the Ryan Adams Reference Library page gets enough traffic that I feel like the superfans still find it useful. And if Ryan ever takes the unlikely step of ending his North Carolina embargo, I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say about that here and elsewhere.

Beyond that, I’m not sure about the Loserblog’s future. It does have a certain amount of momentum built up and a handful of subscribers (thanks, y’all!), and it gets enough feedback on social media to make me feel like it’s worthwhile to keep it going. So I think it will continue, at least for a while longer. We shall see.

In any case, to everyone who has been a part of that 100,000 number — which, it goes without saying, is a whole bunch of multiples of the sales achieved by the “Losering” book — you have my grateful thanks. I appreciate you stopping by. Keep on coming back and I’ll do my best to make it worth your while.

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2 thoughts on “A Loserblog milestone

  1. drafan42

    Congrars Menconi, keep on Losering 🙂

    • dmenconi

      Thank ya, sir. At this point, Losering is about all I can do!

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