Slings and arrows

If you’re looking for evidence that Ryan Adams has “matured” a bit over the past decade, the fact that this “Unfair Record Review” by Tom Scharpling apparently never induced anything like Ryan’s infamous Jim DeRogatis phone call could be Exhibit A. I’m a fan of Tom’s, especially his work with Ryan’s sometime-bandmate Jon Wurster, but I wouldn’t call this one of his better pieces of work.

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2 thoughts on “Slings and arrows

  1. gveo

    David! Why would you promote this? I’mm so surprised. You’re such a good journalist/reviewer, why would you be giving life to something like this that has no critical value whatsoever, is just a chippy, nasty screed from an asshole. Odd, the music in the background that he talks over belies everything he says. Even Mirror, Mirror, the little piece of it, doesn’t sound deserving of his stupid ax to grind. I’m thinking you must deep down really not like RA. Which, actually, I totally get! He can be a supreme jerk. But this is just terrible radio, terrible nasty journalism and for some reason you want people/him to hear it? Why trash your own blog with pollution, a blog that is otherwise great, has this nice light touch to it, makes fandom kind classy. I think you should extract it for the sake of fans and non-fans, RA, and the universe. –sharon

    • dmenconi

      Oh, it’s here mostly for archival purposes — and as a reminder that plenty of people out there don’t agree with us. I agree this is an ugly little screed and would submit it says a lot more about Tom Scharpling (who, as I said in the post, I actually enjoy most of the time) than the subject at hand. I was just kind of perversely fascinated at how far over the top it was, but I guess it’s labeled “Unfair” for a reason. 🙂

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