The birth of the cool country at Birthplace of Country Music Museum, with Ray Benson

RayBCMNothing like co-writing a book about somebody to make you hyper-aware of their presence, noticing them everywhere you go. For example, I’ve been spending today in Bristol, Va., at the Birthplace of Country Music Museum — a truly wonderful place dedicated to Ralph Peer’s legendary 1927 “Bristol Sessions” that launched the country-music industry as we know it today.

I’d highly recommend the museum, which is one of the best music-related facilities I’ve ever visited. And sure enough, one of the museum’s many very fine videos features a couple of snippets of Ray Benson, my “Comin’ Right at Ya” subject and co-writer, talking about Jimmie Rodgers’ far-flung influence as The Father of Country Music. Couldn’t resist snapping a memento of that.

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