Cracking Texas Monthly, sort of…

TxMonthlyI grew up reading Texas Monthly, which in my book is still the gold standard for state magazines in America. It’s billed as “The National Magazine of Texas,” and I’ve dreamed about writing for it ever since I was a wee lad studying journalism at the University of Texas about a million years ago. Though hope springs eternal, I have yet to land a byline there (someday!). But in the meantime, at least I can now say that my name has appeared in Texas Monthly’s pages.

Just in time for next month’s Texas Book Festival comes an item in “The Checklist: A Look at What to Read, Watch and Listen to This (Wonderfully Jam-Packed) Month in Order to Achieve Maximum Texas Cultural Literacy.” The October issue’s column includes brief bits on albums from the likes of Patty Griffin, Don Henley and Kinky Friedman — and, as one of next month’s books to watch, “Comin’ Right at Ya,” which is described as a “let-it-all-hangout memoir.”

For sure, it is that.


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