The Ryan/Taylor quiz — who said what?

RyanTaylorQuizAs DRA 1989 settles into its free-falling chart descent, there are still a few ephemeral Ryan Adams/Taylor Swift artifacts out there — including this online quiz, Who Said It: Taylor Swift Or Ryan Adams? Sounds like it should be simple, right? Wrong. I took a crack at it and as you can see from the summary on the right, I only managed to answer six out of 10 questions correctly. Ouch.

And yet according to figures from quiz-writer Darren Robbins (who put this together for his blog), that score would probably translate to a C rather than a D if graded on a curve. That 60 percent represents the mean or most common score, hit by 26 percent of the 350 people who have completed the quiz so far.

Only 6 percent achieved a score of 80 and less than 1 percent got 90. And as for perfection, to date only one person has correctly answered all 10 questions and received the certificate that goes with it, my British superfan friend Andrew (see below). Give the test a try and see how well you do.

UPDATE (10/7/2015): After I put this post up on social media, another 169 people took the quiz over the next 24 hours or so – 11 of whom achieved perfect scores. That brings the total number of A+ students to an even dozen, out of 519 who have taken the quiz so far.

ADDENDUM (10/15/2015): Which Ryan Adams “1989” Song Are You? I’m not the target demographic, but I took it anyway — “Wildest Dreams.”


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