Quail Ridge calling


Photo by Phyllis Gordon.

Following last weekend’s Texas Book Festival triumph, the next “Comin’ Right at Ya” event happens Wednesday evening (Oct. 21) at the closest thing I have to a home court, Quail Ridge Books & Music in Raleigh. We even got a nice preview blurb about it from the local weekly.

QuailRidgeAlas, I’m afraid it will be just me this time without Ray Benson, so there won’t be nearly as much comedy and the only music played will be of the pre-recorded variety. I might read just a bit, but I’m hoping this will be more of a two-way conversation than a one-way presentation. And if you want your book signed, I’ll leave room for Ray’s signature, too, in case you want to get him to sign your copy the next time Asleep at the Wheel plays around these parts.

During the “Losering” run back in 2012, the Quail Ridge reading was probably the peak promotional experience, so I’m hoping for a nice turnout. It should get going around 7 p.m. Please do come join the discussion, if you can.

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