Ryan Adams at The Bridge: No shoes, no shirt, no service

NoShirt1Ryan Adams was one of the performers at this past weekend’s Bridge School Benefit concert, a shindig that Neil Young puts on every year with a star-studded lineup. And what Ryan seemed to get the most attention for afterward was a minute-long song improvised on the spot: “No Shirt,” inspired by a shirtless dude out in the crowd. The complete lyrics are below, and you can take a listen here. Feels kind of like a beat-poet take on the 29 song “The Sadness”

This gentleman standing in the crowd
He’s got no shirt on!
Look at him! He’s so proud!
What’s next? He won’t wear no shoes
He has nothing left to lose.
OH! No shirt!
He has no shirt on today!
I said, this man has no shirt!
He was just running in place.
What’s next? He’ll have no shoes.
Actually what’s next he’ll have probably some more booze.

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