Old habits die hard…

1989CDBecause I am a sucker whose dotage is drawing ever nearer, I actually got in my motor vehicle and drove to my local indie record store this afternoon, just like we used to do back in the old days way back when. And once there, I procured a copy of DRA 1989 — not on the cooler-than-thou format of vinyl, but on old-fangled, outdated compact disc.

While the CD version of DRA 1989 was only recently released, I’ve had these 13 tracks in my iTunes for more than a month; since right before the Sept. 21 release date for the digital version, in fact, which begs the question: Why bother getting a CD, then?

I guess it’s because on some level, albums still never feel quite “real” to me until I have them on an actual physical object. Maybe that’s Pavlovian habit, or some sort of loyalty to my favorite artists, but there you have it. Or rather, there I have it. Get your own copy.

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