Alina Simone’s ray of light

UTP2016As noted here before, the road from proposal to publication is a long one when you’re working with a university press. It’s a several-year process that comes with a number of milestones that include several stages of editing, editorial approval and the cover. One of the last steps before a book actually appears is enshrinement in the catalog, and it just so happens that the Spring/Summer 2016 University of Texas Press catalog arrived in my mail today — including entries given over to a couple of American Music Series titles, Danny Alexander’s Mary J. Blige book and Alina Simone’s “Madonnaland And Other Detours into Fame and Fandom” (both due out in March).

Along with a very nice Amanda Palmer blurb, “Madonnaland” also has an enthusiastic endorsement from best-selling author Ben Greenman:

Alina Simone’s critical (and hilariously self-critical) look at pop culture, ambition, identity, and the strange things that can happen when art meets time is, if you’ll pardon the expression, a ray of light.



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