Ryan Adams reviews the reviewer

Ryan Adams talks a good game about ignoring critics and bad reviews, but the truth is he can be as thin-skinned as anyone else in response to discouraging words. For example, there’s the tweet below (which Ryan has apparently since deleted), inspired by some gratuitous social-media snark about DRA 1989 from New York Times critic Jon Caramanica — who also had some underwhelming things to say about that album when it came out back in September. Ouch…

UPDATE: Some responses from Carmanica are also below. It seems that he, too, is now Blocked By Ryan Adams on Twitter — and taking it in stride.







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6 thoughts on “Ryan Adams reviews the reviewer

  1. Anette

    1989 is so f***ing good! Ryan didn’t just knock it out of the park, he knocked it all the way into outer space!

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