Asleep at the Wheel for Christmas

One downside of me working with Ray Benson as co-writer on “Comin’ Right at Ya” is that it kind of precludes me from writing about Asleep at the Wheel journalistically anytime soon. Even though I worked for a flat upfront fee and don’t have a financial stake in how well the book sells, it still wouldn’t look right for me to be reviewing the Wheel in the News & Observer. So the paper ran an excerpt around the time the book was published, and that will be it for me writing about them in the N&O for the foreseeable future except for the occasional mention in passing.

But that doesn’t have to stop anyone else here from doing it. Asleep at the Wheel is playing a Christmas show in Carrboro next week, so N&O freelance correspondent Ed Condran (who had some very kind things to say about “Losering” a few years back) interviewed Ray for a preview that ran in today’s paper. Check that here.


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2 thoughts on “Asleep at the Wheel for Christmas

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