Oh Ryan, won’t you please come home

Back in March, my Facebook friend Tony Sicilia (a public-school teacher in the greater Raleigh vicinity) made a plaintive Twitter plea for Ryan Adams to end his apparent North Carolina boycott and come back to his native state — promising the enticement of “the best homemade Italian dinner you’ve ever had,” cooked by his mom. And even though it was charming and heartfelt, it didn’t do the trick. Ryan’s last round of U.S. touring took him to every adjoining state without him ever setting foot on a stage in North Carolina.

But Tony, God bless him, has not given up. Below is a followup offer he made to Ryan, again by Twitter, promising that the dinner invitation still stands even if Ryan doesn’t play here; and darned if @TheRyanAdams didn’t favorite it. We’re pulling for you, Tony!


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One thought on “Oh Ryan, won’t you please come home

  1. I think the dinner offer is a very stellar one, indeed. I can maybe understand the Raleigh aversion…he rubbed some people raw over there back in the day or does not want to “relive” his starting out daze for some reason. Why should the good people of Charlotte be part of this DRA NC boycott? I know he has been here at some point , unless when he “pulled into Mecklenburg on that train” was all fiction. Anyway I hope he shows up someday, someway in NC. I get tired of driving down 85 to the ATL to see DRA. Less is Moore.

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