It’s all just folklore

This has been floating around for a while, but I only recently encountered it on one of the Ryan Adams Facebook pages — “Folklore,” a long lost and quite lovely song that Ryan recorded in the wee small hours one night at the home of a fan following a late-1990s Whiskeytown show in Virginia. The video includes commentary on how this recording came to be. Though never officially released, “Folklore” was a song Ryan also played live some back then, and it still blows my mind how easily he could just burp out stuff this good during the Whiskeytown era. A pity this one never made it onto a record.

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One thought on “It’s all just folklore

  1. Mike Quinlan

    It’s on that The Brewery Shows demo I gave you. Sans the twangy overdubs, which IMHO is actually much better, or at least more personal sounding.

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