Ryan Adams and Bob Mould: good talk

BobRyanThere’s still no word on when Ryan Adams’ next album might emerge, but he nevertheless has a cool new recorded artifact out there that’s worth hearing. This week, National Public Radio released an hour-long interview Ryan recently conducted with his friend, idol and sometime conspirator Bob Mould.

Along with playing a few songs, they have a freewheeling and often very funny conversation touching on a wide range of topics including punk-rock as polka music, the “caveman mumbling” stage of songwriting, Bob’s new album Patch the Sky (another record featuring Ryan’s long-ago Whiskeytown bandmate Jon Wurster on drums), their mutual need for reclusiveness, Ryan’s made-up term for when the rhythm section drops out and it’s just the guitar playing (“monkey grind”), the fastest band Bob ever saw live (The Dickies), road hobbies, records as through-line jokes in search of punchlines, bands from the Stones to the Swans — you get the idea.

Take a listen here. It’s worth sticking around to the very end, for Ryan’s goofy “invisible airplane” joke.

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2 thoughts on “Ryan Adams and Bob Mould: good talk

  1. The new Mould record is great…of course!

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