Love and happiness with Radiohead

OKCIt’s always amusing when something you wrote a long, long time ago unexpectedly comes back around. To wit, the passage below, which comes from a piece I wrote about Radiohead’s OK Computer more than a decade ago. Try as I might, I’ve just never been able to connect with OK Computer despite years and years of listening. So I decided that OKC is arguably the most overrated album of all time and wrote an essay to that effect for the book “Kill Your Idols” (2004, Barricade Books).

Even now, coming up on the 20-year anniversary of OKC‘s release, I’ll still dust it off now and then for another spin to see if I like it any better. Hasn’t happened yet, I’m afraid. So anyway, someone posted this on Twitter today with the lament, “I wish my grade five projects had been as interesting as this.”

Me too!


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 12.06.00 PM.jpg


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