Step right up and get your free copy of “Step It Up and Go” from North Carolina Reads

Here’s another solid accolade for my book “Step It Up and Go”: It’s one of five books selected by North Carolina Humanities for its 2023 North Carolina Reads book club. And if you’re a North Carolina resident, you can even get a copy of the book for free through this program.

North Carolina Reads features books that “explore issues of racial, social, and gender equality and the history and culture of North Carolina…(posing) critical questions about how North Carolinians view their role in helping to form a more just and inclusive society.” That’s a worthy, lofty goal, and it’s an honor for me to be in this lineup:

  • Carolina Built by Kianna Alexander (February 2023)
  • Game Changers: Dean Smith, Charlie Scott, and the Era that Transformed a Southern College Town by Art Chansky (March 2023)
  • Money Rock: A Family’s Story of Cocaine, Race, and Ambition in the New South by Pam Kelley (April 2023)
  • Under a Gilded Moon by Joy Jordan-Lake (May 2023)
  • Step It Up and Go by David Menconi (June 2023)

Each of the selected authors will be doing an online event, and you’ll notice that they’ve got me in the closing position for June 2023. I’ll have details about that soon.

Meantime, you have until the end of this month (Oct. 31, 2022) to put in your request for free copies of all five books. First come first served, while supplies last. If you’re requesting on behalf of a reading group, you can order up to 15 copies of each. Here’s the individual order form, and the group order form.

Put in your order and let’s do this, y’all.

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