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It’s only words…


So if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I post a lot of song lyrics — I mean, a lot of song lyrics — because it’s kind of my thing. Yes, I expect it comes across as manic to people who don’t know me, but I’d like to think it’s at least a little bit entertaining. Some of what I post is obvious enough, like a quote from Devo’s “Whip It” when Devo guitarist Bob Casale died last week. And my man Ryan Adams has always been a recurrent favorite, especially at times when I’m flogging “Losering.”  But the majority of my lyric posts are admittedly pretty cryptic. Sometimes they’re based on something I heard, sometimes they’re what I’m feeling and sometimes they’re just random flotsam my mental jukebox spews out. Unless we’re related, I probably won’t spill which is which.

Anyway, the meme up there on the right was going around Facebook over the weekend and wound up on a bunch of folks’ walls, including mine. And while the sentiment always applies to yours truly, the timing made it even more perfect than usual. Sunday afternoon brought an informal lyrics-inspired gathering to Deep South the Bar, the downtown Raleigh nightspot where the “Losering” tribute show happened in May 2013. Deep South’s thing is lyrics, too, in that the bar’s decor is mostly song lyrics they’ve had people paint on the walls over the years.

It’s been a while since Deep South added any new song lyrics to the walls, so they invited a bunch of people to come by on Sunday and make contributions — including me. And where did I turn for lyrics? Do you really have to ask? Check it out below; it’s from “Bar Lights,” the final listed track on Whiskeytown’s swan-song album Pneumonia, which seemed appropriate for the barroom setting.

While I was at it, I talked to a few other people who were doing lyrics (including the Mayor of Raleigh) and put together a quick story for the paper. Check that hereFinally, there’s also some talk about Deep South possibly hosting another “Losering” tribute show like the very successful one from last year. Stay tuned for details!


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