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Love Is Hell — but it’s a heckuva cake

RyanCakeI’m sure it’s just a random coincidence, but here’s a cool little correlation involving Ryan Adams superfans: Those who have an affinity for his ultra-dour 2004 album Love Is Hell (which emerged from a super-dark time in Ryan’s life) sometimes have that fandom manifest via tasty cakes. One case in point is Jennifer John Bickel, a master cake-maker who baked this incredible-looking Cardinals-themed confection here on the right — and also cites Love Is Hell as the Ryan record that means the most to her.

Another is Stuart McMillan, a Scotsman whose wife kept asking about what his all-time favorite album was in advance of his 30th birthday yesterday. The very cool result is below. As with Jennifer’s cake, I’m torn between the desire for a slice and an urge to preserve it.


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