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“Strangers Almanac,” old enough to vote

StrangersThis can’t possibly be true, and yet it is. Strangers Almanac, the album I was certain would launch Whiskeytown to the toppermost-of-the-poppermost heavens way back when, was released 18 long years ago today.

An awful lot has changed since July 29, 1997. Whiskeytown is long gone, of course, Ryan Adams doesn’t live (or even play) in Raleigh anymore and his old hometown is so bustling nowadays as to be almost unrecognizable. But what hasn’t changed is that Strangers is still the best album Ryan has ever been a part of. And while I’m pulling for him, of course, I don’t see that changing.

Anyway, time for some binge-listening in this album’s honor. I might even dust this off and give it a listen again.

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