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Hard luck Ryan Adams stories

This listing from Craigslist in Houston sounds like a scenario Ryan Adams might have sketched out during the Whiskeytown days, as an onstage introduction to “Drank Like a River.”

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.47.01 PM.png

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Desperately seeking Caitlin (not Caitlyn) Cary…

So a bunch of us had some fun the other day at this poor fellow’s expense, for misspelling Whiskeytown alumnus Caitlin Cary’s name in a craigslist posting. But I probably should not be so quick to ridicule because the poster, Eric from Portland, has owned up to the mistake and corrected it in a followup solicitation. And for all you fiddle-playing women singers out there — dude is still looking. Just sayin’.


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Bless his heart…

I think that this Eric fellow, who posted the craigslist solicitation below in Portland a week ago, might be a little more credible if he’d spelled Caitlin Cary’s name correctly. But I do wish him luck.

HT Thomas Cushman

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