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Coming attractions: “Step It Up and Go”

LoveLetterWell, the short trailer was just the opening act. And here is the main-event headliner, the full-length “Step It Up and Go” video, made by East Carolina University associate professor Ken Wyatt from ECU’s School of Art and Design.

I think he’s done a pretty bang-up job on the graphics; and the trailer features most of the pictures from the book (a few of which I even took myself) as well as some kind-word testimonials from various luminaries including Grammy winner William Ferris and my old News & Observer colleague Tommy Goldsmith. And of course, it’s also great to have the fabulous Chatham County Line’s bluegrass anthem “Living in Raleigh Now” as musical accompaniment.

Joe Bob says, check it out. Hope it, um, makes you want to check out the book, too.

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