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Top-10 love: No. 7

No7In my capacity as a music critic, I’ve been doing year-end top-10 lists for close to 30 years (and I’m long overdue to get going on this year’s model). But I’ve never been on one myself — until now. The roots-music blog Engine 145 was kind enough to include “Losering” at No. 7 on its 10-book listing of “Best Music Books of 2012,” saying that it “brilliantly chronicles Adams’ rise to fame.”

Yay! Maybe I’ll sneak onto another year-end list or two. In the meantime, now is also the time of year when newspapers and magazines are running gift-guide roundups. “Losering” appeared on one that ran over the weekend in the Oakland Press, alongside tomes about Neil Young, Bettye LaVette, Tony Bennett and a bunch of others. It was penned by Gary Graff, who calls the book the “definitive bio.”

Alas, I also recently happened across another few reviews that were not-so-yay, on One two-star review there describes “Losering” as “little more than a recitation of names and places of employment” and another brushes it off as “mostly a bunch of name-dropping.” Oh well, at least somebody there liked it.

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Engine 145 review: Nice, very nice

More kind words for “Losering,” from the estimable Nashville-based critic Barry Mazor on the Americana-slanted music blog Engine 145 (so named for the I-IV-V chord progression that is the bedrock of so many songs from the roots-music part of the world). I especially liked this review’s conclusion:

Anybody who’s had a local hero they envisioned as “the next big thing” (and in regional roots music, who hasn’t?) should find this book potent. In this case, the next big thing actually got big.

Check out the rest of it here.

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