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From Kalamazoo to Timbuktu

Here’s a moderately cool little thing that I stumbled across recently: the University of Texas Press Influence Map, an interactive map that was made to show off the geographic scope of subjects and authors that the press publishes. Most of UT Press’s books originated in the United States, and it’s hardly surprising that a sizable cluster of those are within Texas. But they also go as far east as Turkey and Iraq; as far south as Panama and Ecuador; and as far north as Canada and England. Take a look; and if you click on the balloons on either my hometown of Raleigh or Ryan Adams’ birthplace of Jacksonville, North Carolina, my book “Losering” is what pops out.


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Another Ryan Adams tribute, this one across the pond

UKRyanTributeWell, it seems that our “Losering”-inspired May 9 Raleigh show is not the only Ryan Adams tribute event in the works. There’s also a Ryan Adams All Day Tribute Event happening Sunday (April 28) at a pub called The Musician in Leicester in the U.K. Looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun, and I quite like their poster featuring the photo from Ryan’s 2002 Gap ad (even if I still like Dave Rose’s Raleigh show poster better). If anybody in the East Midlands vicinity of England is reading this, please do go to Sunday’s show and report back.

In other news, we have a charity designated for door proceeds from the Raleigh show, which happens two weeks from today at Deep South in Raleigh. The money will go to the Future of Music Coalition, a non-profit advocacy group for musicians. Advance tickets are available here; and Deep South is anticipating a sellout, so please get your tickets early!

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