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“Exile on Franklin Street”

One of the tenets of The Mythology of Ryan Adams is the guy’s endlessly hyper-prolific nature. Yes, he cranks out songs as easily as most people breathe, often excitedly committing them to tape very quickly — where, more often than not, they languish unreleased and unheard by the world at large.

So it is that, as covered in “Losering,” Ryan has recorded at least several dozen albums worth of songs that have never been properly released. Chief among these is Exile on Franklin Streetnamed in honor of one of Ryan’s old back-in-the-day Raleigh addresses and a collection of songs he was talking about when I was interviewing him 15-plus years ago. Most of the songs on Exile have been intermittently available over the years as bootlegs; and here they are, compiled in extensive and relatively accessible form.

Seems like just the thing to listen to while awaiting his next magnum opus.

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