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Caitlin Cary needle prints the Raleigh Skyline

CharGrillAs covered in “Losering” as well as (repeatedly!) on this blog, Ryan Adams has chosen to stay away from his former hometown of Raleigh for a very, very long time. As of this month, June 2016, it’s been more than 11 years since the last time he played a concert anywhere in North Carolina.

But Ryan’s old Whiskeytown bandmate Caitlin Cary remains a very visible part of the local music, arts and activist community here. You could even describe Caitlin’s recent artistic efforts as an ongoing love letter to Raleigh. Using a technique she’s dubbed “Needle Print,” Caitlin makes “Freehand Sewn Collage” depictions of famous as well as obscure structures in the city — from some of Raleigh’s most iconic buildings down to dwellings known only to the people who live there.

Caitlin has been doing these works for a couple of years, rendering local scenes in the highly unusual medium of discarded upholstery fabric. And by now, she’s built up enough of a body of work to rate a feature in the Sunday paper. So that’s what I did. You can see the story here — with fantastic pictures from the always-reliable Juli Leonard, an N&O co-worker of mine who also put in fine work on last year’s Connells video update — and check samples of Caitlin’s work here.

ADDENDUM (6/25/16): Another feature on Caitlin, this one in Nashville Interiors.



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