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Ryan Adams can paint a picture of you so perfectly in my mind


Some Ryan Adams super-fans are avid enough about our hero to do DRA-inspired artwork, often with superlative results. And one of the better examples I’ve run across in my online wanderings is Megan Bieligk Davis, an Oklahoma woman who works as a legal assistant when she’s not painting pictures. Here is some of her Ryan-related handiwork, starting with the drawing at right that she says involved only “one pencil, no sharpener, one piece of paper.” Below left is a piece featuring lyrics from Ryan’s “O My Sweet Carolina” (which is already sold). And below right, a work-in-progress based on a quote from the Gold song “Nobody Girl.” She writes:

I began my love affair with David Ryan Adams’ music back in the year 2001… shortly after his break with Whiskeytown, and after his first solo record, Heartbreaker. From that point, I was hooked. I worked in a music store at the time, while studying art in college — think “High Fidelity.” That was us. Then Gold was released. There was no turning back. I was an RA addict. The lyrics in songs such as “La Cienega,” “Nobody Girl,” “Blue Hotel,” etc. are just so amazing, I just can’t fathom anyone NOT loving his music. His songs have gotten me through some rough times, they have brought me through a bottle of rum, and they have inspired me. And that is the great part about art, right? One form inspires another.

Megan said she’s also done a lot of self-portraits while listening to Heartbreaker and Gold for inspiration — and while I don’t share her enthusiasm for Gold, I can tell you that her portraits are very nice. She also takes commissions for paintings based on DRA lyrics (and they’re not too expensive); best place to find her is the Ryan Adams Superfan Page on Facebook.


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