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Twitter games with @TheRyanAdams

When it comes to his interactions on social media, Ryan Adams has a mighty itchy trigger finger. That especially goes for Twitter, where I am one of the legions of people he has blocked over the years. I’m a charter member of the tongue-in-cheek Facebook group Blocked By Ryan Adams On Twitter, which is all in fun. “Losering” is not a harsh recounting of Ryan’s story, but it is unauthorized. So it came as no surprise when I found myself outside looking in.

All of which is to say that the oh-so-meta Twitter interaction below is funny, at least to me. It’s also probably the closest Ryan is likely to come to acknowledging the existence of “Losering” in public. It’s from my fellow North Carolinian Dan Schram, in which he cites me by name as the reason he used to be blocked by Ryan — while celebrating the fact that he’s now apparently unblocked. And who is the first person to favorite Dan’s tweet? Why, @TheRyanAdams.
UnblockedThat got me to wondering whether or not Ryan had ended my Twitter purgatory, too. So I checked, but no, the freezeout continues. Oh well. As Dan said in a followup tweet, I feel like there’s a “Bad Blood” joke in there somewhere.


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Think globally, read locally

ReadLocalDMSo if you’re not already lined out for this coming weekend, may I humbly suggest a really cool literary event — the Read Local Book Festival in Durham. Sporting a tagline of, “Shop local. Eat local. Read local,” it’s multi-media and also focused on writerly pursuits in the greater Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill vicinity. I’m honored to be among the participants.

Moderated by my colleague Grayson Currin, music editor of INDY Week (and a fellow who has been mentioned in this space before), the panel is titled “Writing About Music” and it happens at 5 p.m. Sunday at Durham Central Park, rain or shine. I’ll also be at the book-seller’s tent before and after, with copies of “Losering” will be for sale. Please come on out to heckle or just say hi.

There’s lots more to Read Local than just the music-writing panel. Check out the overall schedule here.

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My next jacket blurb

Well, what would our Thursday night “Losering: The Songs of Ryan Adams” show be without the obligatory snark from the local weekly, The Independent? It’s below, penned by music editor Grayson Currin (who also wrote the Indy’s review of the book last fall). And I guess it was nice of them to spotlight the show — though unnecessary, since it’s already sold out, but what the heck. Meantime, I’m thinking of having some stickers printed up that say “occasionally intriguing,” suitable for affixing to book jackets.


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The Independent weighs in

When you’re the critic for a daily paper, snark from the local alternative weekly kind of comes with the territory. But I’ve had a mostly cordial relationship with The Independent Weekly over the years, although it has certainly had its, shall we say, less-than-pleasant interludes. Anyway, I’ve been curious what they’d have to say about “Losering.” And I’m stunned and flattered to say, quite a lot.

The review gets a two-page spread, penned by music editor Grayson Currin. It’s not a gush, but it’s certainly more positive than negative — even if it does include the phrase “simply terrible” about a chapter that happens to be my favorite; and I could take issue with some of his conclusions. Still, I’m not going to nitpick because my main reaction is one of gratitude that he took the time to read and respond to it. That’s all any writer can ask for.

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