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Backsliders take us back to Hicktopia

HicktopiaSince starting this blog up last summer, I’ve written a time or three about Whiskeytown’s peers the Backsliders and their ongoing return to present-day existence. It’s been great to watch them play live again, because they’ve not lost one iota of awesomeness since their mid-1990s glory days. And while there still aren’t any new recordings in the works beyond the discussion stage, here’s the next best thing: Hicktopia, a five-track EP drawn from the Eric “Roscoe” Ambel-produced sessions that eventually yielded up 1999’s Southern Lines album. Four of Hicktopia’s songs have been in the vaults until now, and this is worth getting for “Angels” alone.┬áIt can be had for free here (and there’s a tip jar if you’d like to contribute to their cause).

Meanwhile, Backsliders frontman Chip Robinson is also among the acts on “Losering: The Songs of Ryan Adams,” the big tribute show happening May 9 at Deep South The Bar in Raleigh. It’s going to sell out, so don’t sleep on getting tickets.

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