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Grammy shine for Ryan, sort of

Grammy2013So I was pulling for our man Ryan to get a Grammy nomination, mostly because I figured visibility and attention from that might help attract an eyeball or two in my direction; but also because he’s from North Carolina, and I keep up with my peeps. Anyway, he did turn up in the nominations announced Wednesday night, albeit indirectly. Ryan himself didn’t get nominated — but his 2011 album Ashes & Fire did, in the category of “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.”

Should Ashes be deemed the winner, the Grammy will go to producer Glyn Johns and mastering engineer Bob Ludwig. Also nominated are albums by Jason Mraz, Rebecca Pidgeon and Melody Gardot, also-rans all; and the Yo-Yo Ma-led all-star album The Goat Rodeo Sessions. In terms of handicapping (and I must confess that I’ve got a less-than-stellar batting average at this), I’d say it will come down to either Ryan or Yo-Yo Ma. Ryan has been nominated four times in years past without ever winning, and it would be funny if his record won a Grammy for someone else.

Tune in Feb. 10, 2013, to find out.

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