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Across the pond, kind words from R2 magazine

R2Review“Losering” has picked up another nice review in a far-away place, written by Jeremy Searle in the English music publication¬†Rock’n’Reel magazine. Since it isn’t on the web, I’m afraid I can’t lay the whole thing on you via a link; so look for it on paper in the May-June issue, which has the always-entertaining Billy Bragg on the cover. But here at least is the concluding paragraph:

Menconi is great at capturing the special moment, and draws on contemporaneous interviews with the man himself as well as practically everybody who was there. Many music biographies are written by fans and suffer accordingly but while Menconi makes no secret of his love for Adams’s music, and is not unsympathetic to his protagonist, he is clear-eyed and mostly objective. It’s an essential read for Adams’s fans and fans in general, but also a fascinating account of the birth of a star.

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