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Somewhere betwixt and between Shania Twain and Bob Dylan

Oh, the peculiar things you find on the interwebs. Like “Losering” turning up on GutsyBooks, a site I’ve never heard of. But GutsyBooks has a promising statement of purpose right at the top of the page: “We crawl the web for the best books and rank them using a language processing algorithm.” Okay, then.

The site breaks it down by category, ranking “The Best Bioelectricity Books,” “The Best Network Programming Books” and so on. One GutsyBooks list is “The Best Country Music Books,” where my book comes in at No. 17 with a score of 0.71; which means…well, you tell me because I have nary a clue.

There’s nothing about that on the site, or anywhere else I could find in a few minutes of searching online. But “best” and “language processing algorithm” imply that the ranking is based on worthiness rather than popularity, right? So is that algorithm taking stock of what people are writing about books online, or the books themselves? And is that ranking fixed, or changing? Your guess is as good as mine.

While I have no idea what that 0.71 means, I can tell you that it’s just a fraction of the top score — the 3.64 earned by Chely Wright’s 2011 memoir. It’s also well behind books by Shania Twain, Kenny Rogers, Pamela DesBarres and George Klein, a member of the late Elvis Presley’s “Memphis Mafia.”

My score does, however, come in 0.14 ahead of “Lyrics: 1962-2001” — by some dude named Bob Dylan (No. 23, at 0.57). Ya just gotta love it.


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