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Talking ’bout “Comin’ Right at Ya”

DawsonWhen “Losering” was published in the fall of 2012, I did a ton of interviews because it was my very own labor of love, so I wanted to get the word out as far and wide as possible. But it’s a little different this time around with “Comin’ Right at Ya,” which is co-writer/subject/star Ray Benson’s book rather than mine.

Sure, I had a part in bringing the book into being, but I’m basically the hired help on this one. So I’ve been more than happy to let Ray do the bulk of the public speaking about it. When he and I were on the radio together last week, the vast majority of the interview consisted of Ray telling stories, with me just chipping in a few details when called upon. That seemed as it should be. It’s kind of like a concert, where the contributions of the sound engineer and road crew are important — but the audience is still mostly interested in the players onstage.

Still, I’ve done a few interviews for “CRAY” here and there, talking about the book and the whole co-writing gig; and a nice Q&A just popped up with the attention-getting headline, “When Jewish Yankee Hippies Go Country, with David Menconi.” It’s on the blog of Jon Dawson, a newspaper columnist at the Kinston Free Press in Eastern North Carolina who also leads a rock combo called Third of Never (a fantastic band that does The Who better than The Who themselves nowadays). Check it out.

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Talking about this and that

RiffRaffTwo new interviews turned up on the interwebs this week, one a Q&A on the music blog RiffRaff and the other a conversational podcast for Eastern North Carolina’s Kinston Free Press newspaper (my part starts just over 41 minutes in and lasts about 10 minutes). Check ’em out to see and/or hear yours truly gab about Ryan Adams and “Losering” as well as a host of other subjects — musical gifts to buy for friends and loved ones, Link Wray being unjustly shut out of  the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (again!) and even the most beautiful 23 seconds in all of popular music.

While I’m at it, I’d like to point out another nice “Losering” review that was published a few weeks ago on a blog called “The Unofficial Scorer,” as a dual review covering my book plus the exhaustive new Mark Lewisohn-penned Beatles book. Not to get above my raising or anything, but I must say that I like the company!

Finally, with Christmas fast approaching, please don’t forget that “Losering” would still make a great holiday gift. Just sayin’.

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