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Translate Slowly: The Swedish are coming!

So I happened upon a “Losering” review that ran in a blog in (I believe) Sweden, called La Cienega. At least it’s written in Swedish, according to Google Translate. And what does said review mean in English? Glad you asked. When I copied it into Google Translate,¬†below is what came out — verbatim. I hope you enjoy it at least half as much as I did, naval battles and all. Hearty appetite, indeed!

In autumn had read David Menconis book Ryan Adams with the handsome subtitled Lose Ring, a story of Whiskeytown. A captivating depiction of, especially, Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown Towns rise and fall in Raleigh in the mid nineties. Very readable. A book that manages to capture both the musical genius and the bipolar Keith Richards-wannaben Ryan Adams. Live band Whiskeytown, according Menconi, one evening a naval battle, the next maybe 90’s best. I would have preferred one of those glittering performances. The few clips on youtube tastes. Hearty appetite.

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