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Ryan Adams will always love you though, New York

Like lots of folks who grew up in small-town America, Ryan Adams has always had a crush on New York, as evidenced by his oft-covered song that takes the city’s name for its title and metaphor of a bittersweet farewell. And lately, a Ryan quote about Woody Allen’s favorite town has been making the online rounds as part of a Thought Catalog compendium of the “50 Greatest Quotes About New York City.” The list includes bon mots from Bill Murray, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bob Dylan, Joan Didion, Charles Barkley and Lady Gaga, among other notables. That’s pretty heady company, and Ryan holds his own with a quite-nice summation:


But I have to say, I still prefer what Ryan had to say about the city back in the fall of 1999, when he signed off an e-mail as follows (a quote that can be found in Chapter 11 of “Losering”):

new york is 58% and a dream. my best to you.

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