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Ryan Adams, on the short list

Ryan10BiggestButtsYou know, there are times when I really do feel kind of sorry for Ryan Adams (or at least understand his paranoia about the negativity of haters). Consider “The ten biggest assholes in rock,” a listicle that’s been making the rounds after it originated in the Denver-based weekly Westword last month.

It’s very thin in both conception and execution, but I’ve certainly got no beef with the top choice; and it’s also hard to argue with the likes of Axl Rose (No. 2) and Courtney Love (No. 6) being on such a count-down. As for Ryan, he comes in at No. 9, the meat in a Brit sandwich between No. 10 Liam Gallagher and No. 8 Lily Allen. And what is cited as proof of Ryan’s assholery? The only thing the author came up with is the “Summer of ’69” blowup from way back in October 2002, which ain’t exactly new news.

Now granted, that was a regrettable moment and it certainly painted Ryan in a robustly asshole-ish light (see Chapter 15 of “Losering” for more details). Still, take it from someone who has witnessed far worse (and is also familiar with plenty more), it’s hardly definitive and it might not even rank in Ryan’s personal top-10. But if you’re going to claim that Ryan belongs in the pantheon of buttockal behavior — over Lou Reed, Aretha Franklin, Gene Simmons and numerous other certifiable legends of raging egomania missing from this list — it seems like you’d need to present a bit more than a single incident from over a decade ago. Just sayin’.

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On the shelf at the Hall of Fame


Photo courtesy of Suzanne Berardi-Gould

So you might recall my recent discovery that a copy of “Losering” had found its way into the stacks at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives, which I thought was pretty cool. Not that I’m under the illusion that the Hall of Fame is all that picky about what books they keep in there, but I still get some cheap thrills at the idea of having something with my name on it in the house.

Anyway, after posting about that the other day, I heard from Suzanne Berardi Gould, who told me she was planning to visit the Hall on an upcoming trip up to Cleveland. So I asked her to take a picture of the book on the shelf there, which she was kind enough to send along — tagged with their catalog number and in the vicinity of other tomes about Gregg Allman, Lily Allen, Bryan Adams (ha), Adele and the late great Johnny Ace. She sent that yesterday and it was an excellent little birthday present.

Yes, I truly am a dork. But you knew that.

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