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Ryan Adams breaks 80

Whatever is going on with Ryan Adams these days (and your guess is as good as mine), it seems as if a switch got flipped that put him back into his inimitable amped-up hyper-prolific mode. So after reporting recently that he was “done” with a project involving “65 plus songs,” Ryan has apparently continued on with said project. And according to his latest bulletin, delivered via Instagram, “this never ending record” is now up to 80 songs.

“Wtf,” indeed.




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Happy birthday, Ryan Adams — 41 years young

Young Ryan may not be so young anymore, but he’s definitely not dumb despite what he says in this Instagram post from the other night (interestingly, he has since deleted the caption). Being the dork that I am, I wonder if this backdrop is the same flag from the cover of his 2001 album Gold. Anyway, to the best bio subject one could ever hope to have, happy birthday in spite of it all. It’s hard to believe you’ve been gone from this part of the world for so long. May your 42nd year be the one in which you discover the meaning of life.


ADDENDUM (11/5/2016): A year later, Ryan seems relieved to wave bye-bye to 41.


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