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Thanksgiving suggestions from Ryan Adams, then and now

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-10-12-15-amRyan Adams has been getting in touch with his inner Morrissey this week, pleading with his fellow Twitter travelers to make their Thanksgiving celebrations non-carnivorous. One such tweet is here on the right, but Ryan’s save-the-animals request has not been universally well-received. One wag called him out with a quip: “Remind us how many leather jackets you have?”

I choose to remember a more innocent time, way back in 1999, when Ryan was a lad of 25 and not yet into a vegetarian (or at least healthy-eating) phase. That year, he previewed Thanksgiving at his house with a highly entertaining post to the old No Depression folder, which I’ve reproduced below verbatim:


Turkey with ALL the fixings

Rusty nails and Oyster soup is good and can be served with a hodge-podge of many different things. Some might say crackers with gloop may fit the plate nicely to add a touch of rural flavoring, while others may prefer Roedung Rye Chippers with bugs. Myself, I usually stir up a blended mix of mayonaise-dirty lentil dressing, done up third world style with grits and mac and cheese power flavoring and onion soup packette with ketchup and goop zebra extract.

theres really no way to serve this up wrong. its a hit at the dinner table everytime

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