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Ryan and Bryan Adams: It’s a 1984 thing

1984So this week has brought the International Bluegrass Music Association’s annual World of Bluegrass festival/convention to Raleigh, which has kept me insanely busy (whew; I enjoy IBMA, and yet I’m also glad it only happens once a year because I need more sleep than this). But I still had an amusing little Ryan Adams moment the other night, listening to a band from Minneapolis called Monroe’s Crossing playing a deadpan bluegrass version of Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ’69” — and thinking about past fits Ryan has thrown over that very song. Could not help but giggle, especially given the Monroe Crossing frontman’s introductory description of Bryan Adams as music harsh enough to annoy parents.

What made it even funnier in retrospect was hearing that Ryan himself dipped into the Bryan Adams catalog the same night, performing “Run to You” onstage at a show in Santa Barbara, Calif. Someday, maybe he’ll deign to do “Summer of ’69” and the circle really will close.

(ADDENDUM, 4/29/15: The circle is now closed — and at the Ryman, no less!)

Meanwhile, Ryan also recently unveiled yet another 1984-vintage cover, I Want To Know What Love Is,” the super-maudlin and epic power ballad by Foreigner; to go with his earlier Pointer Sisters “Neutron Dance” cover and acoustic version of Ratt’s “Round and Round.” Given his current Orwellian predilection for that era’s artifacts, can accompanying covers of “Purple Rain,” “Footloose” and “What’s Love Got To Do With It” be far behind?

ADDENDUM (3/5/2015): Ryan’s latest ’80s artifact isn’t from 1984, but a few years later, a cover of Patrick Swayze’s “Dirty Dancing” hit “She’s Like the Wind” with Natalie Prass. Um, really?…

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Ryan Adams does the “Neutron Dance” — no, seriously


It’s been going on three years since Ryan Adams released an album and there’s still no official word on when the next one might emerge, although a little bird told me the other day that Ryan is in the studio now. More (I hope!) on that later. Meantime, here’s a fun thing making the rounds on the interwebs today — a very disheveled Ryan looking like he just rolled out of bed to play a solo cover of the 1984 Pointer Sisters hit “Neutron Dance,” and damned if he doesn’t make it sound as if this song was written to be done on acoustic guitar. It really is perfect.

Take a listen to Ryan’s version here; and just for the compare-and-contrast heck of it, the Pointer Sisters original from the Eddie Murphy comedy “Beverly Hills Cop” is embedded below.

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