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PopMatters reviews “Comin’ Right at Ya”

PMCRAYAlong with amazon reader reviews (two so far, both five-star), editorial reviews of “Comin’ Right at Ya” are starting to turn up — you can find some of them at the CRAY page above, in fact. And add to that a very nice one that came out today on PopMatters, which also had some very kind things to say about “Losering” a few years back. I particularly like the way this review closes:

It’s a tidy ending for the book, but far from the final chapter for a man who keeps chugging along and following his muse and vows to keep “riding that wave”.

Check that out here.

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More year-end coolness: “The music book of 2012”

LJSOkay, so “Losering” made a year-end top-10 list earlier this week, coming in at a respectable No. 7. But here’s one that’s even better: “The music book of 2012” according to the Journal Star, the daily paper in Lincoln, Neb. I should note that the author, L. Kent Wolgamott, is someone I’ve known since the late 1980s, mostly from palling around South By Southwest every spring. One of those SXSW years was 1996, when Kent was part of a gaggle of critic friends I insisted come see Whiskeytown’s showcase, which he recounts in his review. Yes, I used to be something like the band’s unofficial propagandist (which I copped to in the book’s preface). Anyway, check it out.

PopMattersAlso on the year-end tip, “Losering” turns up on PopMatters’ Best Music Books of 2012, with a lovely endorsement by Jeff Strowe: “part biography, part appreciation, and part scholarly analysis…a wildly entertaining read and a comprehensive rendering of one of Adams’ most fruitful periods.” Check out the whole thing at the bottom of this page.

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